Extra work

If you have finished your classwork, it is time to do some extra work.

British Council Magazine

A magazine for teenagers who are learning English. Lots of topics – music, sports, lifestyle, etc.

Listening Skills (British Council)

Here you will find listening activities. They are self-corrected, so you can do them on your own.

ESL Video

Loads of YouTube videos with a comprehension test. You can send your scores to me by writing your name + surname and teacher code ‘eugeniasagulla’ at the end of your results pages.

Other Ideas

  1. Facebook/twitter/etc. – Follow an English-speaking person.
  2. Choose a TV series and watch it in English.
  3. Find a blog in English about your favourite hobby and add it to your phone’s desktop.
  4. Any other ideas?! Share them with your partners in the comments section below.

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