ESL Video

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Here you have a website, where you can watch videos and do a little quiz.

Answer the questions, click on ‘See how I did’

eslvideo asnwer

and, finally, write your name and add the code  eugeniasagulla  to send your score to me.

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Don’t forget to send your score!!



Project 1: What’s in my School Bag?


Here are the videos for your project! I hope you enjoy them! Meet you after the videos for IMPORTANT information about your projects!

Here are the rules for your own ‘What’s in my school bag’ videos:

  1. It should be 2-4 minutes long.
  2. It CANNOT be just a list of school items. Use some descriptive language.
  3. Pay attention to your pronunciation. You can use this dictionary to know how to pronounce some words.
  4. No videos will be accepted after the agreed deadline.

This is the rubric to self-assess your project.



My Biography


We are going to finish Unit 1, with a self-assessment activity. This actvity belongs to ‘My Biogrpahy’.

You can download your biography worksheet whenever you want from here.